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XL Rose Quartz Towers

XL Rose Quartz Towers

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Rose Quartz - Universal Love, Harmony, Self Love, Divine Feminine, Goddess Energy. Heart Chakra. 

Rose Quartz is an amazing stone for LITERALLY anyone who feels drawn to it, and is a true staple- but it is especially useful for those who have prominent Libra and Taurus as well as Aries and Cancer placements. 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate Rose Quartz into your practice (How to Use): Rose Quartz is amazing for so many things- keeping yourself in the frequency of love. Self love and glamour magick (keeping it near where you get ready for the day or wherever you do your self love and gratitude journaling.) But where these specific pieces are so massive- we really encourage you to find a special place in your home for them. Specifically if you have a self love, glamour, or beauty altar- or a shelf where you keep your special adornments, like jewelry or perfume. Or if you have a space where you meditate- the idea is to allow all of this juicy, high vibe energy seep out and spread across all of those things to add to their energies as well. Keeping it near similar frequency crystals will just amplify.


Both of these towers are absolutely scattered with rainbows. We hope you love them as much as we do.  

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