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Selenite Sticks

Selenite Sticks

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Selenite - Purity, Spirituality, Clarity, and Awareness. Crown Chakra. 

Selenite is an obvious must-have for everyone- but it is especially useful for those who have prominent Taurus and/or Cancer placements. 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate Selenite into your practice (How to Use): Selenite is an extremely useful tool for so many different things. It is self charging and cleansing and so it is wonderful to partner with other crystals and tools you may be working with. It is a great piece to keep handy during meditation and dream work. These wands are especially useful because you can use them to cleanse your space, your cards/divination tools, as well as yourself and your aura- simply by running it along your body, or waving it around your space in whatever woo way feels best for you! 


Selenite is NOT water safe! 

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