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Rose Quartz Palm Stones

Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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Rose Quartz - Self Love, Love, Hope, Renewal, Peace, Forgiveness. Heart and Crown Chakras. 


Rose Quartz is another true staple to anyones collection. It's gentle, flowy energy is best for boosting your mood, the energy of your space, or supporting us through our personal growth journeys, especially pertaining to self love and self expansion. It allows us to hold space for ourselves. To go easy on ourselves while also encouraging us to continue to push forward while always coming from a place of love and learning along the way. 


Our suggestion for how to incorporate Rose Quartz into your practice (How to Use): Keep rose quartz on you when moving through heavier energies, or just in your space in general. You really can't go wrong with this stone.


** Witch Tip: This stone is a great addition for ritual baths focused around self love, love, and inner peace. Its also great for glamour magick. **

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