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Moss Agate Double Terminated Points

Moss Agate Double Terminated Points

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Moss Agate- Tranquility, Balance, Abundance, Self Esteem. Heart Chakra. 

Moss Agate is an amazing stone for anyone who feels drawn to it- but it is especially useful for those who have prominent Virgo and/or Aquarius placements. 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate Moss Agate into your practice (How to Use): We love these double terminate point specifically for keeping near your money. So, toss one into your purse, keep it near your wallet, or add use it as on offering in your money bowl or any other manifestation/money work. You can also use Moss Agate to balance the energies in your home so pick your preferred place to harmonize! Stick it next to your fav coffee table books and scented candle to really set the vibe.  

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