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Moonstone Palmstones

Moonstone Palmstones

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Moonstone - Passion, Femininity, Magic, Moon Energy, Inner Power. Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Moonstone is a staple, especially for anyone wanting to really dive into their own inner world, explore their intuition, etc. But it is especially useful for those who have prominent Cancer, Libra, and/or Scorpio placements.  

Our suggestion for how to incorporate these Moonstone Palmstones into your practice (How to Use): Keep these babies anywhere you would like to utilize its energies most- maybe your desk, wherever you find yourself meditating most- wherever in your life you'd like to call in some extra magic. This will also support any third eye or crown chakra work (think journaling, divination, etc.)

Bonus Use: If you are a human with a uterus- this is a great piece to keep on you during your personal moon cycle. 

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