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Mini Amethyst Clusters

Mini Amethyst Clusters

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Amethyst - Balance, Clarity, Intuition. Crown and Third Eye Chakras.  

Amethyst is an amazing stone for anyone who feels drawn to it as it is a true staple/must have in any collection, but it is especially useful for those who have prominent Pisces, Scorpio, and Sagittarius placements in their chart. 

 Our suggestion for how to incorporate these Mini Amethyst Clusters into your practice (How to Use): Keep these cuties anywhere you would like to utilize its energies most- maybe your desk, wherever you find yourself meditating most, even your nightstand as it will also aid with more messages and psychic dreams. It also helps create a calming environment and can help with stress relief (so think about keeping it near anywhere you are for your wind-down routine.) Also will support any third eye or crown chakra work (think journaling, divination, etc.) Where these are teenier pieces, you can easily add them to your purse when you're needing a little extra support as well. 

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