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Libyan Desert Glass Tektite

Libyan Desert Glass Tektite

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Libyan Desert Glass - Protection, Grounding, Flow, Ascension and Enlightenment, Expansion, Transformation, Level Up. All Chakras but primarily the Heart Chakra and below. 

What is Libyan Desert Glass?

"Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite or Great Sand Sea Glass, is a unique and nearly pure silica tektite believed to have been created from a meteorite impact 26 million years ago. This occurred over the modern day Sahara Desert in what is now western Egypt and eastern Libya. Pieces are found scattered across many square miles and range in color from a transparent yellow to a full-bodied gold. It was officially discovered in 1932 by P. Clayton, but has a long history that traces all the way back to Ancient Egypt."

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