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Larimar Tumbles

Larimar Tumbles

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Larimar - Enlightenment, Calm, Mental Clarity, Renewal. Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras (Sometimes Heart chakra as well).

Larimar is a stone of inner peace- but on a self acceptance level. It aids us in self discovery and our very personal self healing journeys, as it provides balance and allows us to find our inner harmony. It can also help with dissolving energetic blocks, especially with it's associated chakras. t is especially useful for those who have prominent Aquarius and Leo placements, as well as though with a lot of water in their personal planets of their birth charts.

Our suggestion for how to incorporate these Larimar Tumbles into your practice (How to Use): Keep this stone on your person on days when you want a little extra balance. You may also use it in crystals grids to call in the energies associated, or use it on your physical body to help unblock stagnant energy. 


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