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Spiral Staircase Collective

Citrine Freeforms

Citrine Freeforms

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Citrine - Wealth, Prosperity, Success, Joy, Enthusiasm and Energy. Solar Plexus. 

Citrine is what we at Spiral Staircase Collective would absolutely consider a staple, mainly because of the energetic assistance Citrine can provide with manifesting! It's great to help support you calling in ease and flow, financial opportunity and success, as well as some extra cash and overall fulfillment- who doesn't want that? Citrine is great for those with Sagittarius placements, as well as Leo, but it is truly a must have for everyone who is looking to manifest. 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate these Citrine Freeforms into your practice- Put this anywhere in your home that feels relevant to what you are consciously manifesting. Have a money bowl? Put it on a shelf nearby. This are also great to keep in a home office for extra money flow, as well as positivity! 

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