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Chrysocolla Malachite Freeforms

Chrysocolla Malachite Freeforms

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Chrysocolla - Harmony, Wisdom, Guidance, Tranquility, Clarity. Throat and Heart Chakras.

Malachite - Transformation, Healing, Mental and Spiritual Growth. Throat and Heart Chakras. 

Chrysocolla is great for those with prominent Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, and Cancer placements where as Malachite benefits those with Capricorn and Scorpio placements. 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate these free forms into your practice (How to Use): These babies pack a heavy punch- keep them in a space where you do a lot of inner work- for example, if you journal in bed, maybe on your nightstand, or if you have a favorite spot to meditate, maybe somewhere nearby! 

This stone is NOT water safe. 

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