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Blue Aragonite Tumbles

Blue Aragonite Tumbles

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Blue Aragonite: Patience, Intuition and emotional insight, Self Worth, and Confidence, Meditation, Psychic Ability. Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 

Blue Aragonite is associated primarily with the sign of Capricorn, but it is also heavily linked to Venus. SO it is going to be especially helpful to the signs with that big Venus energy- Taurus and Libra as well. This is also a great stone to work with if you are looking to channel that energy or find support for wherever those signs fall for you in your birth chart! 

Our suggestion for how to incorporate these stunning Blue Aragonite Tumbles into your practice (How to Use): Chuck one in your pocket or handbag when you need an extra boost of confidence, boundary setting, or if your looking to stay in your intuition throughout the day. You can also meditate with this by laying down and resting one of the tumbles on your third eye, throat, or heart chakras. Since this stone is also heavily associated with Venus, you can also place one of these tumbles on your beauty/glamour altar, or any space you find yourself working with that energy. 

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