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Black Rose Quartz Spheres

Black Rose Quartz Spheres

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Black Rose Quartz - Hope, Renewal, Peace, Forgiveness. Heart and Crown Chakras. 


Black Rose Quartz is a little bit more of a unique find- it is formed when rose quartz is heat treated. Because of this, with black rose quartz you get all of the same energies of regular rose quartz- but it create a more protective or releasing energies. This is why you'll notice themes of letting go, forgiveness, moving on through self love, etc. If you feel drawn to this stone, it's definitely going to offer you a new, gentle perspective to an area of your life you are moving through. Useful for all zodiac placements! 


Our suggestion for how to incorporate these Black Rose Quartz Spheres into your practice (How to Use): Keep black rose quartz on you when moving through heavier energies, or just in your space in general. You really can't go wrong with this powerful piece. 


** Witch Tip: This stone is a great addition for ritual baths focused around self love or releasing (think Full Moon rituals). **

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