The Moon 9/10 - 9/25 (Harvest Moon in Pisces)

Full Moon

  • 9/10 Saturday: Full Moon in Pisces
    • The Full Harvest Moon in Pisces is asking you to heal through letting go. There is a watery healing energy coming from Pisces. Connect with water through a bath or letting those tears fall. You will be okay. You are supported. You deserve to heal and move through this space in a way that benefits you. Walk in the moonlight and speak your desires out loud. Letting go makes room for your blessings to reach you.

Waning Crescent

  • 9/11 Sunday: Waning Gibbous (Pisces to Aries)
  • 9/12 Monday: Waning Gibbous (Aries)
  • 9/13 Tuesday: Waning Gibbous (Aries to Taurus)
  • 9/14 Wednesday: Waning Gibbous (Taurus)
  • 9/15 Thursday: Waning Gibbous (Taurus to Gemini)
  • 9/16 Friday: Waning Gibbous (Gemini)
    • Throughout these days focus on taking care of you and your home. Listen to your body and set up your environment for your needs. 

Last Quarter

  • 9/17 Saturday: Last Quarter (Gemini)
  • 9/18 Sunday: Last Quarter (Gemini to Cancer)
    • Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Journal on what you see. Notice what feels good and what does not. Give yourself some love and know that everything you want to be is already there.

Waning Crescent

  • 9/19 Monday: Waning Crescent (Cancer)
  • 9/20 Tuesday: Waning Crescent (Cancer to Leo)
  • 9/21 Wednesday: Waning Crescent (Leo)
  • 9/22 Thursday: Waning Crescent (Leo) Autumn Equinox
  • 9/23 Friday: Waning Crescent (Leo to Virgo)
  • 9/24 Saturday: Waning Crescent (Virgo)
    • Enjoy the change of season. We are entering a new phase with the moon and the equinox. What do you want that to look like?

New Moon

  • 9/25 Sunday: New Moon in Virgo
    • Manifest. The intentions you set on this day are going to have a slow burn, destined to succeed when clearly set. These manifestations will grow over this season of life. Make a plan.
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