Moon Phases & Signs 7/13 - 7/28

Moon Phases & Signs 7/13 - 7/28

Full Supermoon

This supermoon in Capricorn will be asking you to or *making you* release anything that doesn't serve you. Take some time to intentionally let go of objects, thoughts, habits, or relationships that are not in line with your highest self. 

July 13th - Full Supermoon - Capricorn

Waning Gibbous

As the moon works through Aquarius, Pisces & Aries, don't avoid problems you are having. Work out a solution. Taking care of lingering tasks will give you some time to enjoy yourself. 

July 14th - Waning Gibbous - Capricorn to Aquarius
July 15th - Waning Gibbous - Aquarius
July 16th - Waning Gibbous - Aquarius to Pisces
July 17th - Waning Gibbous - Pisces
July 18th - Waning Gibbous - Pisces to Aries
July 19th - Waning Gibbous - Aries

Last Quarter Moon

You've hopefully been working on clearing out any energy and clutter that doesn't serve you. This is a time to express gratitude for is working for you. 

July 20th - Last Quarter - Aries to Taurus

Waning Crescent

Spend some time with the people you love. Take this week to appreciate where you are and plan for what you want to grow in the next phase after the New Moon

July 21st - Waning Crescent - Taurus
July 22nd - Waning Crescent - Taurus
July 23rd - Waning Crescent - Taurus to Gemini
July 24th - Waning Crescent - Gemini
July 25th - Waning Crescent - Gemini to Cancer
July 26th - Waning Crescent - Cancer
July 27th - Waning Crescent - Cancer

New Moon

Check back on the 27th for an update on what to expect from the New Moon in Leo.

July 28th - New Moon - Leo

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