New Moon in Leo & The Moon 7/28 - 8/11

New Moon in Leo & The Moon 7/28 - 8/11

Take a look at what the moon is up to between the New Moon in Leo on the 28th and a Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/11. How can you make the best of that time?

  • 7-28 Thursday: New Moon (Cancer to Leo)
  • 7-29 Friday: New Phase (Leo)
  • 7-30 Saturday: New Phase (Leo to Virgo)
  • 7-31 Sunday: New Phase (Virgo)
    • Moving from deep feeling Cancer to “on-it” Virgo. Let go of your need to have a story for every emotion. Feel them and let them go.


  • 8-1 Monday: Crescent Phase (Virgo to Libra)
  • 8-2 Tuesday: Crescent Phase (Libra)
  • 8-3 Wednesday: Crescent Phase (Libra)
  • 8-4 Thursday:Crescent Phase (Libra to Scorpio)
    • Lean into the material beauty of Libra. What in your life needs that extra Venusian touch?


  • 8-5 Friday: First Quarter Moon (Scorpio)
  • 8-6 Saturday: First Quarter Phase (Scorpio to Sagittarius)
  • 8-7 Sunday: First Quarter Phase (Sagittarius)
  • 8-8 Monday: First Quarter Phase (Sagittarius to Capricorn)
    • Make everyday more of an adventure. Who would you go and what would you be if you weren’t so attached to your “image”?


  • 8-9 Tuesday: Gibbous Phase (Capricorn)
  • 8-10 Wednesday: Gibbous Phase (Capricorn to Aquarius) 
    • Get your ducks in a row, living the life you’ve always dreamed will also require some ground work


  • 8-11 Thursday: Super Full Moon (Aquarius)
    • Lean into your own power. Dissolve the idea that you have to have read every book and check every box to be knowledgeable. Trust your own knowing.
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