Moon Phases 8/11 - 8/27

Full Moon

  • 8/11 Thursday: FULL MOON (Aquarius)
    • Aquarius knows how to shine as an individual and shine for the collective. This moon lets you know that it is time to release what isn’t serving you so that you can show up in your fullest potential. Visualize your ideal future (don’t be afraid to be unconventional) and get rid of anything that isn’t working towards that ideal.

Waning Gibbous

  • 8/12 Friday: Waning Gibbous (Aquarius to Pisces)
  • 8/13 Saturday: Waning Gibbous (Pisces)
  • 8/14 Sunday: Waning Gibbous ( Pisces to Aries)
  • 8/15 Monday: Waning Gibbous (Aries)
  • 8/16 Tuesday: Waning Gibbous (Aries to Taurus)
  • 8/17 Wednesday: Waning Gibbous (Taurus)
  • 8/18 Thursday: Waning Gibbous (Taurus)
    • As you work on releasing and cleansing anything that doesn’t align, you will start to see what DOES align. Pay attention. There may be serendipitous opportunities or new connections with people or groups that will be a good fit for the next part of your journey.


Last Quarter

  • 8/19 Friday: Last Quarter (Taurus to Gemini)
    • Take this time to meditate on your next steps. Allow yourself to see your aligned life. Then take steps over the next week to prepare yourself for the transition into rebuilding.

Waning Crescent

  • 8/20 Saturday: Waning Crescent (Gemini)
  • 8/21 Sunday: Waning Crescent (Gemini to Cancer)
  • 8/22 Monday: Waning Crescent (Cancer)
  • 8/23 Tuesday: Waning Crescent (Cancer)
  • 8/24 Wednesday: Waning Crescent (Cancer to Leo)
  • 8/25 Thursday: Waning Crescent (Leo)
  • 8/26 Friday: Waning Crescent (Leo to Virgo)
    • Virgo season will pop up during the waning crescent in Cancer. It will be easier to reimagine your daily life in a more balanced way.

New Moon

  • 8/27 Saturday: NEW MOON (Virgo)
    • Set your intention and then take baby steps in that direction.
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